What color is this doe?

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They all seem big to me as well? She is adorable. She looks like a shaded/sable chinchilla to me, which is not really a thing. The thing is the chinchilla and sable gene should be the same gene so that can't really happen. The best guess I have is that she is an agouti sable, and I am basing this info on this page, which has a agouti sable mini lop near the bottom of the page https://www.barrowbunnies.com/the-sable-gene.html
The eye rings say either tan 'a(t)' or agouti 'A_'. The banding on the ear hair says it is agouti:
The silver band says chinchilla or sable. The lighter shading down the sides of the rabbit looks like a sable based color, which would make it a sable chinchilla. That's my guess, anyway.
I'd agree, but the ombre going on kind of throws me. She's a plush lop, so a rex coat. Here's another photo with a second angle-
She's an agouti sable - agouti, A, plus the shaded gene c(chl). It's sometimes called Sable Chinchilla, but it's made by the shaded gene rather than the one that creates true chinchilla.

BTW - it's either Siamese Sable or Sable Marten, not both. Siamese Sable has no white markings; Sable Marten has the white trim courtesy of the tan pattern gene a(t).

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