What color is this doe?

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Oh goodness. I've tried copy and pasting, then I downloaded and uploaded.. but to no avail. Anyone know what I'm getting wrong?
I see a pretty chinchilla looking bun.
I'd agree, but the ombre going on kind of throws me. She's a plush lop, so a rex coat. Here's another photo with a second angle-


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    CInta PHoto Two.jpg
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I can see the thumbnails now, but cannot enlarge them to really see the photo. I tried .png in text paste and as a picture with the button to the right of the link button on a test thread, nothing posted. I finally did get a .jpg to load as a thumbnail, using the attach files button on the bottom left of the reply box, but when you click on it you just get an error message. https://rabbittalk.com/threads/photos-not-posting.37251/ Can anyone help with this? It's so hard to answer color questions without being able to really see the photo.

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