weight loss and hair loss with death

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Mar 30, 2012
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Cleveland suburbia
I'd like to hear from the group that have experienced this.

Ive lost a few rabbits and the vet was not able to figure it out
Ive got a breeding trio of Champagne de Argent, 2 does and a buck. First breeding of each doe yielded a litter of 3 and 4.
The 4 were healthy for about 4 months then they started to loose hair and weight, ultimately 3 died and the 4th is still healthy and thriving, so I wrote it off as bad genes. Then 4-5 months later the other litter of 3 demonstrated the same symptoms. That's when I had a vet take a look. His comments were that he did not know, but thought it was contagious and could not tell me why the 4th kit from the other litter was not infected.
Shortly after the litter of 3 started having symptoms, that doe succumbed to whatever this is.

Each of the trio has their own cage, the kits are housed in a grow out cage that is 4'x2' which is plenty of space for 4 kits
waste drop outside of cage, fresh watering system, daily feed with premium feed, cages suspended

The issue is that I'm struggling with is that I have a breeding trio of NZ Reds in the same rabbitry that have no S/S, the 4th from the first litter and the buck and a doe do not seem to be effected.
Dec 6, 2013
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Piney Flats ,Tn.
Check the feed and hay for moldy smell or dust.
Mold toxins cause a lot of Mysterious ailments.
Often, moldy ingredients are included in the feed at the mill...
Rabbits are much more sensitive to mold toxins, than other animals.