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Jan 26, 2024
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I want to be able to weigh my rabbits but I don't have a scale.

Does anyone want to share what they use as well as recommendations and opinions on brands, styles, and whatnot?
I use on old postal scale I found at a thrift store. I added a slightly bigger platform of wood, then screwed a repurposed metal basket to the top. It accurately weighs everything from a 6oz kit to a full grown (overgrown) 12lb Satin doe. And it could weigh a 20lb Flemish, if I was willing to foot the feed bill to keep one! :LOL:

As you can see, my rabbits aren't hard to keep in the basket! But if I had animals that didn't want to stay put, I could switch the basket out for a box or even a carrier. The scale tares nicely up to several pounds.
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I have a digital hanging scale and used to weigh chickens with it and a 5gal bucket.
I have a digital kitchen scale also and use it. Scale on a scrap board, then a dog food bowl on the scale to hold the rabbit.

The bucket or a scale platform is better the bigger they are.

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