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Dec 6, 2013
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Piney Flats ,Tn.
The garden is still producing tomatoes, and peppers
everything else is about done,
The taro plants are huge,some over 6 feet tall,
- can't wait to see if they will produce big corms this year
-this week, so far...
I bottled,
tomato juice
beef chunks
beef fat


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I canned my tomato soup (different than campbells, it's gluten and dairy free and not a concentrate,) pasta and pizza sauce, and a chunky green salsa from the garden. I'm afraid that is about all I'll get from there. I froze peaches, some rhubarb, and strawberry freezer jam. Without having the land to grow a good garden on yet, but living next to a national forest, I still forage for a lot of my food.

Miatake, honey, oyster, and some turkey tail mushrooms were all added to the panty this week. <3
My wild ramp and garlic cooking wine from this spring came out excellent, and the cranberry (purchased on sale after thanksgiving) and black raspberry wine from last fall is lovely and ready to bottle. I didn't find many berries this year, but I should have enough to do a mixed berry and wild grape wine.
I guess I still have to can a cornelian cherry (cornus mas) jam for my daughter, and after that, we'll gather chestnuts and hickories, and a few ginko nuts. I'd really like some sassafras roots if I'm lucky enough to get out that way before snow sets in.
A lot of what we bring home amount luxury foods instead of staple calories, I suppose, but it sure saves me money at the grocery store, and probably at the Dr's office too.


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Zass":2t661eod said:
How do you use the beef fat?

Tia my daughter , is a cook at a restaurant, she brought some of the "beef trimmings" home.
I cut the meat off, and bottled it separately.. the fat i am saving for making bar soap. [lye soap]
I make a 8 gallon pot ,[makes about 6 gallons] lasts a couple or three years. <br /><br /> __________ Fri Sep 20, 2019 5:16 pm __________ <br /><br /> the rest of the story,

..bottled 3 quarts of anaheim peppers

23 pints of bell pepper and onion mix.

and , just finished the lighting system for our canning bottles, shelf area.


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I LOVE reading your posts M4G, can I be you when I grow up? :D

Right now I am on a waiting list for a local allotment so no gardening for me yet but the kids and I did forage quite a few apples in the hedgerows and woods. Mmmmmm lovely!
GBov":2mt0kxee said:
I LOVE reading your posts M4G, can I be you when I grow up? :D

Right now I am on a waiting list for a local allotment so no gardening for me yet but the kids and I did forage quite a few apples in the hedgerows and woods. Mmmmmm lovely!

Thank you,
nice to see your comments again...
I started a facebook group, i post a lot of the things i am doing on there,
called "Subsistence gardening"

[i don't know if you play on facebook]

Best of luck getting your allotment ...
I haven't had the best garden this year but we did ok. Put up 80 pints of green beans to get started. 17 quarts of tomatoes and 14 quarts of spaghetti sauce with home made Italian sausage, yum. Went to the neighbors field and gleaned a 1/2 bushel of acorn squash and another of butternut. They grow for Safeway in Colorado and they have to be a certain size so the smaller ones get left in the field. That should keep the two of us in squash for the winter. ;) Vacuum bagged 40 stuffed Marconi peppers with sausage, rice, marinara sauce and of coarse mozzarella cheese. Darn things are good but take up to much freezer space. lol

Today is cut all the spinach (4 rows) and get it ready to vacuum pack and in the freezer. If I have any energy left I may can some of the red kale I have growing but we'll have to wait and see. The ducks and rabbits love that stuff.
:feed-ducks: :lilbunny:

It's going to be a chilly day, 40 for a high, and then drops to 16 degrees tonight. My gardening season will come to a screaming halt then. :cry:
Good job, Michaels4gardens!

We finally put up some guava jam last week. That's been the first canning done in ages around here. Mostly because we wanted entirely sugar free jam. At least, other than what's in the guavas to start with. Guava, lemon & calamonsi (a type of small citrus) makes a surprisingly lovely jam. These were all fruits along my friend's driveway, so it's 'driveway jam' which fortunately, isn't anything like a traffic jam.

We've been saving Good Mother Stallard beans for bean soup, but don't have enough for soup yet since we ate the last batch several months ago. Dried beans are another good way to save produce.