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Mar 9, 2022
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I’d love to see a picture of the hutch! Looks interesting!
My sister in law gave me her old chicken tractor. Roughly 4x10. Insulated box at one end . I added 3 den boxes, the lift up cover on the dens is a nice resting shelf. Added a little door with a lever that opens or closes it. Added some extra selves and another resting board in the yard.put hardware cloth over the 2x4 wire. Used a tall plastic garbage can split with wire front for hay bin. Thought it would be bigger than needed but wanted the height to keep moisture out. Planned on this being temporary. I really want a colony shed I can walk into.we have long Winters in the north woods. Count Chocula is getting renamed Thumper (think humper) thought I'd have a month or 2 but he's started humping the girls insessantly so he is now in his own cage. Next door so they can still see each other. Really too heavy to use as tractor. Is fast becoming a litter bottom.thats ok. Covers the wire bottom. Probably feels better.IMG_20220701_113835401_HDR.jpg IMG_20220701_113835401_HDR.jpg IMG_20220701_113605121_HDR.jpg IMG_20220701_113328802_HDR.jpg

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