Supply list for DIY wire rabbit cage?

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Jun 6, 2021
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Hi there,
I’m planning on making several grow-out all-wire cages, and I am putting together an order from Klubertanz for supplies. Please help me with my list!

Before you ask: I know that buying cages usually makes more sense than DIY. However, I want to have the flexibility to choose my own cage sizes, and DIY projects are how I bond with my parents :)

Here is my list so far:
- 14 gauge GAW 1/2”x1” for the bottom
- I already own a ton of 1/2”x1” 16 gauge GBW that I was planning to use for the sides/top unless someone thinks this is a bad idea.
- J clips
- J clip pliers
- Floor supports (I’m building some pretty large grow out cages)
- Door guard trim
- Door latches

Anything else?

thanks in advance!


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Oct 7, 2020
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Delaware, USA
My only issue with galvanized wire is the urine based corrosion. I managed to find PVC coated wire. That being said, you should get a few years before corrosion becomes an issue. Just remember, galvanization is not weather proofing. Unlike guardrails on the highway, the galvanized layer is quite thin in household applications. When used outdoors, galvanized products have a limited lifespan, usually only 3 years is expected by manufacturers. I have seen where it may last more than 10 years and where it has lasted only one year.

Consider in your design, how you will get food and water in there. Your dreams are the limit!


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Jun 20, 2010
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western washington
If you don't thave them get some really nice wire cutters with long handles and lots of leverage. Save your hands.

I use extra large dog crates as rabbit tractor grow out cages... easy to move and easy to store flat when empty. if you don't plan to have them up all the time, folding flat is pretty awesome.


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Jul 5, 2021
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Your list looks good. Also remember the water stuff. I like using tubing n watering nipples hooked up to a 5 gallon bucket.
And order extra for repairs. I bought a 100' roll of 14ga galvanized wire to build our 4 pens and have enough to build several more that I can sell and recoup my initial costs. Use extra c clips. Overbuild
I found that using a cut off wheel on my 4" grinder cut the wire fast. Then a couple more like passes to take any rough edges off. I designed mine for a hay feeder inside the pen. But lots of good looking pens around.
I designed mine so they fit in the greenhouse during the winter to keep them out of the weather n take advantage of any extra solar heat.
Good luck n have fun
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