Sr Satin doe done breeding?

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May 10, 2021
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Northeastern USA
I know its been asked a lot, but I want to be certain and know what the hive mind thinks.
Almost a year ago I picked up a breeding trio, a 3mo buck, his almost 4 yo dam and an unrelated 3mo doe. I’ve been trying to get the dam bred since getting her with no luck. I’ve tried every trick I can think of- food changes/supplements, car rides, cage swaps, diff proven bucks and so on. This last time I thought was going to be it, she got as far as making a nest on her due date, but no babies. I gave her some time and then put her in with the young buck, this time she started making honking noises at him almost immediately and pretty much acting as if she were pregnant, weeks past her last possible due date.
Is this saying she’s done? I was really hoping to get just one litter from her but between her age and the troubles I’ve had trying to get a litter from her, I’m wondering if she’s just done.


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Feb 1, 2022
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Are you able to palpate your rabbits? If so, you could let her live with the buck, and palpate her weekly. You should be able to find out if she's actually getting pregnant and later reabsorbing them, or just not taking at all. If there's nothing then maybe she has become too old - pasteurella can sometimes render them sterile. But she could become a companion for the buck if she is sterile, I've done this successfully several times now; I recently lost my pair of 8 year olds who had been bonded for 5 years, since the doe became sterile at 3 years of age. They were such a happy couple!

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