Snuffles or old age, time is up?

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Jul 10, 2017
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Upstate NY
I took back in a pair of retired breeders that had been rehomed as pets. Bonded 8 and 5yr old does. No other rabbits on the property. Prev home had a medical emergency. They had been looked after by family members before someone contacted me.
They were a little on the thin side so I have been feeding them up while looking for a new pet home for them. They've been back at my place for just shy of a month now. Weather has been wet with hot days, cold nights. Finally have a decent home lined up, meet on Fri, and the older doe has gone off feed. Lethargic and now gasping. Wet nose but no colored discharge. I did hear a cough. Younger doe is eating and active but does have a wet nose.
I have had no issue with respiratory issues with my herd in the 5 yrs I have been keeping rabbits. I do have penicillin on hand, should I try a course with her?