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Jan 11, 2021
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Iowa, USA
You can show in Youth up until you're 19
But you can't do Open and Youth at the same time
Idk how old you have to be to show in Open
Jun 12, 2022
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Home have a quick question that I can’t find any information on. I am 14 wanting to show rabbits but I am not in 4-H. Do I have to show in youth, Can I show in youth, Can I show in anything that allows my breed.
Welcome to the world of rabbit showing! I started showing when I was about 14 (in a century long, long ago!). It is a great hobby!

4-H has its own shows, often in conjunction with county and state fairs. Generally, only 4-H members can show in 4-H shows.

County and state fairs set their own rules. Sometimes a fair will have its own show, and also host a 4-H show, an ARBA sanctioned show, or both.

The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) sanctions shows all over the country, which are put on ("hosted") by local rabbit clubs. There is no membership in any club required, although the hosting club may give you a break in entry fees if you are a member.

Anyone five years old and up can show in an ARBA sanctioned Open Show.

Anyone from 5 through 18 years of age can show in an ARBA sanctioned Youth Show. According to ARBA Show Rules (Official ARBA Show Rules), Youth may not enter their rabbit or cavy in both open and youth classes at the same show, which is sponsored by the same club. But Youth may make entries in both open and youth classes with different animals.

As Rabbits of the Creek noted, you cannot show in both Open and Youth on the same day. There is no problem, however, in entering your rabbit in a Youth Show one day and an Open show the next.

All-breed ARBA shows accept any breed that is recognized by the ARBA. National clubs also hold "Specialty Shows" which accept only a particular breed or breeds, for instance the American Satin Rabbit Breeders Association (the national club for satins and mini satins) holds the NASS, or National All Satins Show, each spring.

The ARBA has also recently begun to sanction "Rare Breed Shows." These shows are only for the breeds listed as rare by the ARBA.

If you have not yet joined the ARBA, I strongly encourage you to think about it. Even if you are not a member, the website has all kinds of great information. See Home But joining is inexpensive, requires no commitment other than paying the yearly dues, and you will get the Official Guide Book: Raising Better Rabbits and Cavies, as well as the excellent full-color bi-monthly magazine Domestic Rabbits, which has "regular features and special articles on rabbit and cavy breeds, judging, care and management info, ads from top breeders, show info, and more." See more details at Join the ARBA

Again, welcome and I hope you really enjoy your first show!
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