Rescue with flystrike/headtilt. Recovered?

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May 7, 2020
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I have a rescued elop that is in a secure fenced yard now that it's warmer out.
Every day when I go out to take care of him I see he is looking so weak and skinny. I thought letting him eat the fresh clover, plaintain and dandelion would help him. Sometimes I would find him in the covered areas we made from half dog houses set in ground with rock so he can't dig holes. Very cool place. 2 weeks ago I was so busy I assumed he was in a hole and I went a ran errands all day after his morning feed and water. Came home late didn't see him.
Got up next morning and determined to look for him I found him. He was in such sad shape and covered in Flys and had flystrike all over him, including his eyes that looked bad. I panicked and grabbed his thin frail body and ran to get a dose of pasturella vaccine and the vetericyn pink eye spray. I sprayed him all over! Gave him a shot of the vaccine. But in my panic I knew he was as good as gone.
I went to bed and didn't sleep. Woke up and he was still alive! I figured it couldn't hurt so I sprayed him again with the pink eye spray! I did this for 3 days! Well... here's the crazy part!
Today he is gained weight, munching on grass and trying to mount 2 other bunnies in the yard! No flystrike to be seen, I did notice there were still unhatched yellow eggs on him however.... I pulled most off..... but ....
How did this work? And what worked?
Btw... his head tilt is almost unnoticeable also.
In the picture he was out eating dewy grass(wet chin).


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