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May 7, 2024
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Granville, TN
Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a tattoo pen and wondering what everyone here who tattoos thier rabbits use before I pull the trigger on the one Bass equipment has. It only has one review so a bit on the fence.


Thanks in advance!
I use pliers/clamp thing with loose units for letter or number (5mm size and 4 spots for letter/number).
Main thing i need to know is year of birth and doeline letter, so 3 is mostly plenty, 4th would be for a number if i keep more then one from that year and line.
I had gotten the TB Tatt tattoo pen by All Things Bunnies off of Amazon. Seems to work pretty good in my opinion, but I also have never tried anything else yet. They give you different bundle options. Since I was just starting out I went for the deluxe set, which came with the numbing spray.

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