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May 19, 2023
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Monument Valley AZ
Some of you may know that I have a fresh batch of bunnies.
Yes, they were an accident and yes, I should have known better but here we are.
Due to logistics it's nearly impossible to find suitable homes for them and I want them safe & happy.
Once old enough they will all be spayed / neutered so that won't be an issue again.
The babies are going to the barn (w/ heat & AC).
The plan is to have hutches that will be open, most of the time, so they can come & go as they please.
However... their "play area" will be enclosed (safety precaution) and allowing access indoors & out.
Space isn't really limited but I don't want to waste space either.
There are seven of the little critters.
So... the big question of the day is... How much space will they need for this "rabbit resort"?
Our spoiled horses already have an automated watering system so it's not an issue extending that for the rabbits.
#2. One of our brain damaged horses requires a nightlight! Will that bother rabbits? I can block it if necessary.
#3. Like I said, all of our horses are spoiled (but they kinda deserve to be) and get a variety of feed supplements.
As for hay, that's primarily alfalfa morning & night with oat hay available throughout the day (more or less to give them something to do.)
As for supplements, once per day they get oats, Sweet COB, or Purina Brand Omelene.
Of course they throw food everywhere... and I see wild rabbits gorging themselves every night & early mornings.
Is there anything in the grain(s) that could harm our new bunnies?
Constant bills from the ferrier, horse dentist and vet bills are already high enough. I don't need to increase that.
#4. So far, our pet rabbits have been eating standard pellets, alfalfa, oat and Timothy hays. On occasion they get fresh veggies from our garden. (I have checked what's safe & what's not prior to giving it to them.)
They have food & water available 24/7.
Do they require anything else? Salt lick perhaps?
As some may already know, I didn't start out wanting rabbits. It happened on accident then escalated from there.
Now that they are here, I found myself enjoying them. That's beside the point. I'm responsible for them being here so I need to provide a safe, comfortable home for them.
Any suggestions on what I might be missing or doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.


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Nov 1, 2022
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Standard rabbit pellet will cover minerals and such, just be stingy with feeding that because it can rapidly make them fat. Shortly said a fat rabbit is a malnurished rabbit. If they cannot reach their hindend they cannot eat cecotropes i.e. their version of chewing cud, since rabbits are pseudoruminants. Alfalfa contains a lot of calcium that is also something to be cautious with. So mainly timothy hay, oat hay and the rest in moderation. Other grains rather not, starches require amylase to digest in the small gut and animals like rabbits (and horses) don't make a lot of that. Plenty of different greens (above ground parts) keeps them healthy.