Problems with digging

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Aug 20, 2021
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I have a doe that loves to dig and it's starting to cause problems with my set up. She hates being caged, so that's not an option for her, so she free roams the back yard during the day with another doe, a neutered buck and their grow outs (all leaving in the next 10-14 days). They are in an enclosed run at night with a three walled shed (elevated on cinder blocks) where I feed them, and lost of shelters, manufactured hidey holes. Problem is the bunny run is along one side of my home and she has burrowed a tunnel under a nesting box to underneath the shed along our foundation. We are starting to smell the rabbits inside our home near the floor where on the other side of the exterior wall is a hose spigot and her tunnel. As far as I can see, they have not gotten through into the house. If she is spayed, would that help tone down her digging instincts?

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