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Animal For Sale Pedigreed Rex ready!

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Mar 10, 2022
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I have 5 white does born 4-5-22 so they are 8 weeks old. Good bloodlines, have a couple really nice ones that I think would do well at shows. Full pedigrees. They are tattooed already.
They are $40 each. (Number 4's picture is from 6 weeks of age, I couldn't get a posed picture of her last week)

I have a year old buck, white, that is a full brother to the white does. He was born 2-12-21 and super sweet. He does have a crooked back leg from getting stepped on as a baby but doesn't seem to bother him. We don't have an unrelated doe to try breeding him but I don't think it would interfere with it. He is $20 and besides his crooked leg he has a beautiful head, excellent fur, and the sweetest temperament.

I have 2 blue does born 4-19-22 that won't be ready to leave until the 14th. They are cousins to the older litter. $40 each. Pictures taken at 5 weeks old.
VD15weeks.jpg VD25weeks.jpg

Located in northeast Arkansas.