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Fennel kits

Yynx kits. A chestnut/castor in the mix.

Sugar's 2nd litter. Best is the V legged buck. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Do I risk it? Do I try yet another breeding to a different buck again and hold him back until I know?
On the plus side, was able to match pics by shape! 😅
Middle doe is a cull by size and shape.
Black has best side, middle has best hind and last has nothing horribly wrong. Ugh.

Oh, no. Liking the weight of the reg fur, silvering coming in.

Heavily silvered is a pound lighter, she doesn't seem to be eating much of the new food. =(

Aqua buck looking pretty decent.

Blue is much smaller, but much better shape.

Surprising weight on this one.
I figured it out and I am pissed! Both at myself for not seeing it sooner and for sellers faking pics.

Seller angled shot
My angled shot. Head not mashed back.
Screenshot_20240520_120709_Video Player.jpg
My proper angle shot.
Screenshot_20240519_171345_Video Player.jpg
Seller, line showing profile, rest is the top of the back that shouldn't be visible!

Here, correct angle & wrong angle. They all look better in the fake one. 🤬
And I found out a couple months ago, some people use photoshop to squish images horizontally, making long rabbits look more compact and better.

Its so mofo-ing hard to be a good breeder when surrounded by liars.
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I further figured it out! And I'm even more mad now, but at all the breeders who do this!
Years ago, I stated the spine is flexible, manipulative! You can force the shape.
People were mad at me, telling me it's not true. Yet here they are, doing just that to sell them, lying to themselves about the quality they are breeding...

Several rabbits posed here. Some really change a lot! They're all bracing forward, which is supposedly not what you want. All sucking in and pushing up. 🤦🏽‍♀️
I've got to start putting my hands on these rabbits before paying, cannot trust anyone...

They all "improved".
Even this flat one posed well today, no longer as flat, but poke n jab, ta-da! A showstopper! 😭
$292 in the red. 1 bun sale to guy who bought a few before for a culling class at 25.

Currently $267 in the red.

Unity × Goliath, April 22, 4wk 4d
Both built nests on the wrong side, where they hop in/out of, so redid them.

Ella × Rivian, 8 kits.

Lynx × Goliath, 9 kits.

New SF × Zippy, she pulled a tiny bit of fur in the cage and dug a hole in the nest, but no kits. Still got time. 🤞
Wanted to leave 2in on either side, for stability and support. But then the floor would have to be cut. So, goito fully remove the panel and use the old floor for stability inserts.
Getting the floors out took forever. Hand is raw, yay blisters tomorrow. They really don't want you touching it once built! Gonna take so much longer to get sides off. Ugh

Also got the next 6 bottle things. Same store, just through ebay. Sent a wingnut and another washer this time. But the wingnut threads don't match the dripper threads. Aka, useless! 🤦🏽‍♀️
Culled 3. Probably going to cull the other Tipsy kit and the blue buck I had kept back.
Moved all of the regular furred Unity kits out with Widy and her kits in the outdoor growout. Left the two rex furred with Unity for awhile longer.
New Rex got her own cage.
Neighbor RM14 is due any time now.