New Rabbit Barn! Advice?

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golden rabbitry

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Sep 20, 2017
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I've outgrown my old rabbit barn and we are building a new one! It's 10'x10', 6' sidewalls and 10' peek. I'll put in a loft for storage.
My main question is: I wanted to originally make the wall areas by the cages removable for ventilation (cutting strips where cages are and removing them in summer). basically make the shed as ventilated as possible. But would a closed system be better? Have it the exact opposite, no air going in or out so I can put an AC in and not worry about the cold air leaving. I have a swamp cooler in the current barn that isn't very practical because the back door is mesh. I have fans for the outdoor and indoor cages.
What do you think? Is a closed system with a good AC better than a completely ventilated barn?

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