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May 8, 2021
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Hello again! I ended bring that little sweet EA home but also brought some wool mites. I know the treatment protocol but can’t seem find the scientific name of wool mites just fur mites. I have scoured the internet and the merk manual . Are fur and wool mites the same ?
ivermectin takes care of wool mites/fur mites/any kind of mites quite nicely. 10 days treatment plan.
We definitely started treatment on both buns as soon as we saw it was wool mites. Just curious if wool and fur mites are the same. I can’t find the scientific name of wool mites anywhere( just fur mites).
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How do you treat with ivermectin?
Where I am (UK) we treat with a liquid spot-on usually sold for sheep. You can either put the drops on the back of the neck or, as I do, onto the skin inside one ear. As there is no fur there and it has a good blood supply it gets absorbed into the skin much faster and better.