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Animal For Sale Maremma x Akbash LGD pair For Rehoming

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May 26, 2011
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Amah Mutsun traditional land
These dogs have lived with sheep, rabbits, ducks, and geese from birth in 2015. Their sheep herd has been sold and so they are available in Central California to the right placement.
They are both CLIMBERS so their new home MUST gave 7’ NON-CLIMB fence or be on an acreage sufficiently isolated that their tendency to go after coyotes, even on the neighbors’ property, will not be a problem.
The female, Green Girl, is spayed. The male, Black Boy, is intact. Both are up to date on rabies, heart worm protection, and flea and tick protection. They have been fed primarily a raw diet. Although they will eat kibble. The male is VERY protective of his charges, whether they be lambs, or 2-year-old humans. So it will take some time, and be important, for him to develop a trusting bond with his new master, especially any adult male that he will be around.
Reply with your contact information, the job description you have for Black Boy and Green Girl
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