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Jul 5, 2021
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Hello folks. I've been working on our compost pile for a few years now. I use the hay to absorb the urine. Also add in chopped dry leaves n such. I keep the pile covered. I lifted a covered part last fall, mushrooms so I'm assuming a good microorganism growth. Dark colored compost.
I have a grinder mulcher beast. Old school mulcher with a 8" wide arbor holding 3 cutter heads. 8 teeth per head. I will bring them to a sharpening pro for a tune up. It has a 10 hp. Briggs engine. I may put a larger engine on it. Or belt it up to my 41 Farmall H. I'll have power.
Goal is to make a ground compost. What I've been making looks similar to a fine peat topsoi
perfect for potting. Dressing
I'm thinking that I will blend up the 3 years worth to get a mix. With the thought that it might be a more timed out plant food. If that makes sense. I also have a few ground leaf piles to add in.
My goal again. It's easy to just put the pieces together per say. Pile it all up n grind it. But I'm trying to achieve the best I can. I'm doing it anyhows so it's how I swing.
Any suggestions or comments ? How How do you all do yours?

Frosted Rabbits

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Jan 7, 2010
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The smaller the pieces are, the faster they turn into gold. Add rock dust, dried kelp, etc ( if possible) to increase the amount of trace minerals. By all means, let the earthworms do the majority of the work. their little bodies help disperse beneficial bacteria and break down different stuff that is not ideal for plants or people.

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