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Animal Wanted Looking for a Jr Flemish doe/Taking in rescues

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Sep 18, 2020
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St Joseph county indiana
Any color, I lost my Flemish stock awhile ago and am ready to start again, currently located in the Bloomington/normal IL area, can trade for a pedigree champagne D'argent Buck, or when I have a pedigree thrianta litter or champagne litter I can trade.

I'm a 18 y/o autistic looking to train Flemish Giants to become registered ESAs and therapy animals for myself and others like me!

I also have been taking in unwanted rabbits- the ones that would end up in soup pots or were too much for an owner, were too feral etc. I work with feral rabbits over the course of many months to adapt them to social life with me, bunnies, and sometimes other animals. We work on litter training and leash training, and just making a better life for them!

If you are curious on what my projects are, feel free to reach out!

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