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Jul 25, 2022
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crystal Springs, MS
This is my first time processing. These rabbits were given to me as growouts but were all pretty underweight. Under 3 pounds at almost 16 weeks. I got their weight up with consistent water from an auto system and 18% protein pellets free feed with some hay each day as well. They are now 20 weeks and all were between 5 and 6 pounds at process.

All three livers looked like this. They are a good base color and smooth walled, but there is definitely not a solid burgundy appearance. There is a uniform odd mottling look when we had them in the sun.

Is this a product of direct sunlight? Is this the beginning of RHD? Most importantly, is the meat safe to eat?

There was a 4th rabbit I processed today, not from this kindling nor related at all to the other rabbits acquired from this person and that liver was also smooth, but uniform and dark burgundy in color.