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Dec 2, 2010
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Utica, NY vicinity
It's been a while since i was on this site. Started getting email notices about RT and thought i would stop by.
Lots of big changes !
Glad to see MaggieJ is still supervising us ! Hope the new 'owner' of RT enjoys the group. It was a lot of fun hanging out with the various members. Forums don't seem to be quite as prevalent and active as the used to be... which is kinda sad... Posts could go more in depth in forums than they seem to do in the rapid response type like FB. ( actually typed raBid... which isn't necessarily wrong.....)

Lots of life has happened... my DH passed away in August of 2018. I could not do all the heavy work with the rabbits required... so the entire herd was dispersed. Also, maintaining 15 acres of land, an aging quirky house and the isolation of living in the country ... especially thru the never-ending NY winters ... led to more changes. I've relocated to southern Maryland... with family.
I have 2 tiny dogs, one Fonzie , who is the most empathetic dog I've ever been around. He would snuggle with DH and was his constant shadow. The other little dog is Victoria. I got her to be a playmate for Fonzie. It sort of works.... she is much smaller than him... 6lbs to 11lbs... but she is a conniver and can be very fierce about protecting her toys.
All in all it is good here. I moved last year.... just as Covid shut the world down... so it's been difficult to really find my way around. Plus... the Traffic !!!!!!! Oh My !!!!! Everyone is in such a hurry !!! But I try to keep right and let the speedsters go on by.
I might not be very active here... but shall try to check in every so often.

Take Care All.