Large hard pea-sized lumps in Mini Lops ears?

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Sep 24, 2021
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Today I noticed a large hard pea-sized lump on my 9 month old neutered Mini Lops ear.

I cannot believe I never noticed it before, because it is so large that it sticks out very noticeably, it is like it popped up from no where.

When lifting the ear into the light, the lump makes a dark red shadow, and the lump can be felt from the outside and inside of the ear.

I have just noticed 2 more lumps. They are slightly smaller. One is on the same ear and the other lump is on his other ear. These seem to have a very very small tiny brown scab on them.

So basically both ears are affected…I am not sure if it is only the ears that are affected, he has very long fur so it is hard to tell if his body is okay.

I have booked the Vet, they can see me soonest by Tuesday. I am worried sick so headed here in hopes that you guys may have an idea of what this could be?


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Feb 27, 2010
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I agree. It sounds like a haematoma - a fancy name for an injury that caused blood to pool between layers of skin. They aren't considered an emergency but you want to get it taken care of and check if there's anything he may have gotten hurt on. If he's kept in a cage check for any loose or broken wires.