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Animal Wanted ISO American Chinchilla Breeders Near Durango Colorado

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Oct 26, 2022
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United States
ISO American Chinchilla Rabbits!

I have been gobsmacked by this breed . . .
Long story short. I purchased a meat mutt trio 2 years ago, they turned out to be SFxAmChins. Wonderful mix.

One of the three has the AmChin phenotype, with wideband genes, I believe. She is gorgeous, but her coloring and banding in the fur needs improvement. The other two in the trio have turned out to be shaded, chin light not chin dark. One is shaded chin with muddied ring color, and one is a shaded silver tipped steel with no rings over most of the body.

I love the others, but have become something short of obsessed with the look and temperment of my American Chinchilla looking doe. I need to add a more to my rabbitry.

I am near Durango Colorado and would prefer to purchase pedigreed stock from different lines. Although I am willing to consider non-pedigreed stock if the animal meets ARBA SOP. I am seeking 2 males and two females, preferably under 12 weeks old.

I know what I am looking for, and what I am looking at when I see the animal. I am willing to travel and have cash in hand for serious breeders ready to sell.

Thank you.


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Jun 20, 2010
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western washington
Sorry you are so far away! Western washington is kind of full of this breed, so if you get desperate at least we are west of the mississippi. Good Luck! :)

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