Indoor colony flooring ideas?

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Oct 27, 2020
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I'm planning on moving my angora colony indoors to my basement for the summer. Last year I did the same and put down a waterproof tarp and piled shavings on top of it. It worked OK but the shavings made a mess of their coats and cleaning was a whole afternoon ordeal. I'm considering permanently relocating them to the basement, so I'm looking at flooring options to protect the unfinished cement floors.

My plan is to have an easy to sweep and mop floor and litter box train the buns.

I'm concerned with off-gassing from things like rubber stall mats or garage mats. We eat culls, and the ones that don't get eaten are very much pets I want to live long, happy lives. The buns will be spending all their time inches away from whatever I put down so VOCs need to be at a minimum.

I've thought about using linoleum, but I believe I would need to put down something on top of it for traction, area rugs or something like that. Carpeting seems like it would take away a lot from the ease of cleaning that I am looking for.

I'm currently leaning towards formamide-free EVA foam mats, but am a little concerned about the durability aspect.

Any ideas for flooring that will provide good traction, ease of cleaning, and is non toxic?


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Jan 29, 2021
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tbh just regular concrete works. or concrete and then you can lay rag towels on top. that's what i'd suggest- or a very thin carpet