I Need Fair Theme Deco Ideas For The Rabbit Barn

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Feb 3, 2022
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North Idaho, USA
Hello, I am a 4H rabbit leader. Every year as a part of our project presentation, the 4H kids decorate the livestock barn in relation to the Fair's theme. This year's theme is: MeMOOies In The Making (dumb I know, but we have to work with it šŸ˜œ). I am stumped about what we are going to do for our rabbit barn. I am open to any and all ideas! Help! I have 5 months to figure this out, but I think it's going to take that long to get that far, lol.


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Sep 15, 2010
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Dress up the bunnies in cow suits?

Give up on the 'moo' part and go for the 'memories' part, although that's still difficult to work with.

Whoever thought up that theme obviously wasn't gonna have to decorate, I'd guess.
Jun 12, 2022
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The theme is "Memoories In The Making" as in Memories, but in relation to a cow mooing. Sorry for the confusion there. It is ridiculous.
Our Alaska State Fair had a similar theme in 2018 ("Memories in the Making"), minus the "moo" element, which actually gives you a little moooore to work with (ugh, I know, but I couldn't resist). It was pretty difficult to come up with visuals, but my clever son thought up two winners, which he used to earn the big prizes in the "VegHeads" contests (involving making a display of some sort out of produce). Maybe his ideas will give you some of your own.

The first used a big gnarly potato, with the eyes having sprouted around one end in a halo that reminded him of a grandpa. He set that one up to look like it was sitting in a chair (cut-up pepper), holding a book that it was reading to a bunch of little new potatoes, like in a story time.

The other was a squash decorated to look like a diva singing "Memories," lettuce leaf ball gown and all.

How about a cow and a rabbit singing a "Memories" duet? Or a mama cow reading to a bunch of bunnies, or looking at a scrapbook together? Or a cow taking photos of rabbits, or vice versa? Or a cow remembering/dreaming (a la speech bubble) of prize-winning rabbits?