How high can a new zealand rabbit jump?

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Having found kits on top of hayfeeders and seeing them climb to get up there, top is the best guarantee for them staying where you want them. Also make certain the walls will hold if pushed on by the rabbit.
Most likely reasons for breaking out : fear, hunger, boredom and for males a female somewhere. Since in all cases if it applies is the opinion of the rabbit your attempts to prevent them are only as good as your fence. Toys, feed and shelter are secondary.
I have successfully used 36 inch puppy playpen panels to keep adults in for short periods. Mostly they are interested in running around, eating grass, and digging. I would not leave them there unattended though--mostly because they are not safe from predators and they can easily dig out.

This is not to say they CAN'T jump out, mostly they just don't.