How did you start up?

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Sep 12, 2019
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Hello all,

I've been thinking about breeding rabbits for the pet market for a while, and I can now start planning my program more seriously.

I'm wondering how you got started? Where did you get your equipment, how many does and bucks did you start off with? About how much did it cost to get off the ground?

Thanks for any input!

golden rabbitry

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Sep 20, 2017
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(I started at age 12, you're never to young!)

$30, a rescue doe and a holland buck, and a dad who wanted to help his kid get started. We build our own cages and sold mix rabbits to the local pet store until rabbits were ban in a poor attempt to end "animal mills" (It did nothing sadly) I moved into purebred hollands, then pedigreed ones, and now getting ready to show soon.

Take my advice when I say, start pedigreed first. Don't climb the ladder, just get pedigreed ones first. I used to sell a rabbit for $12, now for $100. It helps so much.

As for equipment, we build a 3 hole hutch and had an extra cage or two from pet rabbits. Now I have 9 holes and plan on getting 6 more in the coming months. Get good cages or build entire wire cages, wood can have issue..... I get all my equipment from local stores and "All Things Bunny"

I started with 1 doe and 2 bucks (my sister and I both had these bucks as children), Now I have 2 does and 2 bucks, plan on getting 2 more does. Make sure you choose a good buck cuz you only need one. 2 does is nice cuz you can foster between litters and if you breed them at the same time, you can even out litter sizes and feed runts better.

If you want to start correctly and not climb up, invest $300 for 2 good does and a buck. Get good cages, but it might cost $500+. The nice thing is once you get going, it pays itself off relatively easily.

And build a good website! get found on google! It helps so much. Facebook page and a website is all I need to sell off my babies. I send it to friends and go in from the viewers perspective whenever upgrading it because a good website shoots you far. Make sure you have a good sales policy and change it as issues with people come up.

The pet industry is sweet and cruel. Some people are sweethearts, others want to bully you into selling them a rabbit. It's rewarding and terrible at the same time.

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