Help with the breeder color genetics in my barn?

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May 10, 2021
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Northeastern USA
I’m slowly trying to finesse the colors genes of my breeders. I currently have 1 buck, whom I believe is a black double steel, from double steel broken black sire and double steel “black” dam. He comes from self lines, I cannot recall if there’s/what is the name for a steel from selfs… 😬
I’ve got two active does at the moment.
Doe #1- ermine, from chinchilla/REW dam/sire. She has had 3 litters sired by this buck and every kit, every time is clearly gold tipped steel or looks black with premature white hairs/white spots by 8wks.
Doe #2- Red eyed white from broken red sire/dam. She is about 10 days in on litter #2, both sired by the same buck. First litter the doe had issues at birth and only 2/14 were born alive, the two appearing broken black, not a single kit had agouti markings. As they've grown I’m definitely noticing scattered white hairs on the colored parts which I understand to be a sign of being steel. Second litter went more smoothly and again, no agouti marked kits, just broken and solid/self looking.
My amateur guess at the genetics is:
Buck- aa B_ CC DD EsEs enen - self black double steel
Doe #1- A_B_ cchd ee enen -ermine
Doe #2 - A_ B_ cc DD ee Enen -broken red under albino
I haven’t held onto any offspring to line breed to the buck as doe #1 was my meat mix maker/foster doe and doe #2’s first litter is too young to breed back as of yet. The buck and doe #2 are pure satins. I’d love to see if anyone can concur/correct my guesswork.

Mini Lop Mama

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Apr 10, 2022
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Steel is an extremely dominant gene. Every breeding that has a steel buck or doe or both, all offspring will be steel. That doesn't necessarily mean all the colors will be steel, maybe you'll still get a chestnut or broken orange if your buck was to have those colors, but the kits will still carry the steel onto their offspring.

Probably not what your totally asking, but Incase you didn't know that- I am also learning color genetics, hopefully I will be able to both understand and answer your question some day 🤣