Help! Best ways to cull 2-3 week old kits.

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May 3, 2022
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For me. Knowing when an animal suffer and being able to deal with it in a humane way is part of animal husbandry. No telling what the hips look like under the skin. Pinching nerves n such.
I can say this. I do not like dispatching animals, especially a pet. But I also know that I don't like animals to suffer.
As a rabbit meat farmer it's part of the job. And knowing that my family is getting a healthy quality product is important .
For a kit that small I would stretch it's neck
People keep paralyzed rabbits all the time. And these rabbits have good quality of life. So the owners have to do a little more work for them but what’s life without work? I’d rather give him a chance to live rather than just killing him and always wondering if he would’ve lived a good life. Also someone needs to tell the little man his legs don’t work cause he has no idea lol. The name’s scooter by the way.


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