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Jun 1, 2024
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My name is Leo and I'm 27. I live on a small farm in California with my family and have had a passion for animals since I was a little boy. I used to catch lizards in the yard and now I have a pretty extensive menagerie of pets, including snakes, lizards, frogs, several different types of tropical fish, and three cats. Growing up in a rural farming community with alternative parents I also have a big interest in sustainability. On our little farm we have chickens at the moment and in the past we've had guineas, turkeys, ducks, and a goat. After months of research I finally committed and brought four New Zealand rabbits onto the farm for meat and furs. So far I've got two red does (Cinnamon and Nutmeg), a red buck (Cumin), and a black buck (Nori). My kid sister calls them the spice rack. I'm expecting my first litters in just a week or two! I've read and watched as many resources as I could but there is always more to learn and this seemed like a good community to do it in. Nice to meet you all!
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