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Aug 26, 2021
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Kentucky, USA
Hello everyone! We're about a year in to raising NZ rabbits for meat. I've gotten so much info along the way from this forum and finally decided to join!

We started with a trio last August (black buck, Batman, and two broken black does who are littermates, Oreo and Lola), and have just started to have some offspring old enough to breed as well. We suspect our buck might be self chin (mottled eyes) and now know that Batman and Lola must carry albino and have passed it on, because we've started to get REWs from both of them when bred to their own offspring (although when bred to each other, out of 13 kits, we never got a white... still trying to figure that one out!).

Lola also tends to throw at least one blue/gray eyed kit in each litter with Batman, which I guess could be the self chin from him, except that Oreo/Batman have never produced a blue/gray eyed kit. This makes me think it's coming from Lola?? The breeder we got the trio from said she has dilute hiding in her lines and that could cause it, so we're hoping to someday see blue in the nestbox!

Anyway, we're just really having fun with the rabbits and learning a lot as we go. I think the color genetics are really interesting. I'm grateful for this community and all your knowledge and support!

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