Hello from France

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Dec 15, 2018
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Hello and welcome Albert!

Here in the Pacific Northwest of the US, there is a lot of variety with rabbit breeds. I personally like the Californians and New Zealand whites, but the wife likes colors and the soft fur. At odds in the household.... Currently I am winning out as I "do the chores" and really enjoy working with rabbits. But I have noticed more and more of my rabbitry is getting color??? I know, I know, I am a softy. You know the old saying, happy wife, happy life!!

I am working on a budget, as most are, but I just haven't found a line of Rex that have similar growth rates within my area. I still am keeping an eye out and more than likely will be adding some in time.

I am new to this group too and am looking forward to learning and sharing.
How would you compare the temperments of the local Cali vs NZ?