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Jul 5, 2021
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Yesterday our daughter took all the bags of rabbit meat scraps, belly flap, hearts, kidneys, livers. 5 pounds worth out of the freezer and mixed them with 1 pound of smoked bacon to make breakfast sausage. And it was fantastic !!!!!
A great way to use all the trimmings up.
That's cool. I love the liver by itself, can't stand beef liver but rabbit YES.
Rabbit liver is the best! Liver and onions for supper is my reward on harvest day for doing that hard job. Think people over cook liver and turn it into cardboard. Cook gently. You can also cook with lots of onion, bacon, and spices. blend into pate for cracker spread. Most recipes add lots of extra fat to pate, not necessary and in my opinion doesn't improve. I urge you all to try, you'll be a convert too!
That sounds good. Another way I do mine is use ground rabbit flanks and other if needed. Mix 10% fresh beef fat, grind half frozen, mix in Legg's #105 sausage mix. regrind and smoke on pellet grill.

PS I usually have to use other meat because all my flanks go on the smoker for Jerky. OH YEAH
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