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May 26, 2022
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Elliston, Virginia
so ive come to love the rex rabbits because of their temperaments and fur type. my question is if I took a meat mutt (silver fox, Flemish, and new Zealand) bred him to my rex then took a baby of good size and bred it back to mom would I get the rex fur I tried doing the square and I'm thinking id have all rex carriers this time around, but if bred back to mom my understanding is id have a 50/50 chance to get a rex coat.

now by chance I did get a rex coat and bred it either back to mom Or another rex would that give me full rex coats or is there still a chance that the coats will be normal? picture of the two the buck is the broken one.
she has two that look like him and two solid blacks which id love to see how they turn out color wise


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Jun 12, 2022
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Palmer Alaska
Yes, if you bred the F1 offspring back to rex-coated mom, you should get roughly 50% rex-furred babies in the F2 generation. Note that that's a statistical prediction, though; chance may dictate up to 100% or as low as 0% rex-furred in any given F2 litter.
Regarding the question about if you did get a rex coat in F1: the genes for rex are recessive so to have a rex coat, a rabbit has to have two copies. Therefore, if both parents have rex coats, that's all you should get in the litter. Basically, a normal-furred rabbit can carry one or zero copies of the rex gene; a rex-coated rabbit can only carry two matching rex genes.
The sticking point, though, and why I said you "should" get all rex-furred babies from two rex-coated rabbits, is that there is more than one allele that produces a rex coat. I don't know how common the various rex alleles are in the US, but apparently those different alleles do not always cooperate with each other to produce a rex coat... So, theoretically, you could breed two rex-coated rabbits and get normal fur, if they happened to have different rex alleles. I've never experienced or known anyone to have that happen, but it is possible (plus in general, genes don't read the genetics books, and don't always behave the way they're "supposed" to, haha!).