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Aug 12, 2021
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We have been thrown a curveball in Toothy's genetics.
We have a black NZ buck that we thought carried ch because he has sired a bunch of cali kits. We bred his gold tipped steel daughter back to him and had a litter of blacks, gts, a red and two REW's. Our assumption was that to be a black he has to have a "C", then to have sired REW he has to have a c. His litter history:
bred to two different Cali does- blacks and cali's
bred to two different REW's- blacks and cali's
Bred to a red- black and reds
bred to a Gold tipped steel- a red, blacks, gts and cali's
bred to his daughter gts- a red, black, steel, rew.
So the question is can he have a chc and be a black? The REW's couldn't hide cali-can they? Can't be double steel and throw red, can he?
What can he be? Pics are Toothy and some of his litters, the first pics are these little rew looking ones.
Someone on another page mentioned cali with non extension could hide the black. Anyone have any experience with that? Thanks for any insight.


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