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Feb 6, 2023
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Hi, I have a 1 year 9 months old female rabbit. She is unspayed. She has been losing blood since yesterday morning. The discharged blood also has clots. We took her to a vet. At first, they said that she might have some infection / growth in her bladder - but later said that it is not because of the bladder, but her uterus. The vet said that she could have some lesions and but wasn't sure of any growth and that surgery to remove her uterus would be the best treatment option. I wanted to know whether this course of treatment and assessment makes sense? If yes, how risky is this surgery (please note that here in India we have very few rabbit savvy vets)? We didnt get her spayed when she was young because the same vet said it's a very high-risk surgery (30-40%+). Now the same doctor is saying it only has 10-12% risk. Wanted to get a second opinion before getting her surgery done. Is this the best course of action? I am sharing some of her pictures, and her prescriptions and reports. Please let us know what you think - thanks a lot in advance!

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