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Jan 5, 2021
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Tasmania australia
Hi everyone im new, and trying to learn about color genetics, I have a couole questions i hope. Someone can answer for me.

1 i have a yellow/sooty doe i would like to clean her yellow up i have a tort duck, a chocolate buck and agouti buck, which would be best.
Also with this color, i have been told if you put it to blue or black that the yellow will wipe the other colors out is this correct and how.
She just had a litter to a steele carrier black buck and all bubs were black.

2. Because we dont have chinchilla dutch in australia, and i know it would be a process but another breeder friend and i are trying but keep getting nowhere. Can anyone explain how to get the chin color in, we have tried crossing a chin color nethie in with the dutch black, blue, steele to atleast put the gene in but is there something else we need.

Thank you so much for the add,

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