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Animal For Sale Done with buns

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Mar 23, 2022
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I have 4 does and 4 bucks that need to find a new home or they will be dinner. We would prefer to get a little something from everything we've put into them. I want to be completely honest because I don't want anyone to feel swindled. I don't know if any of them can make babies. They should be able to. But we have been very unsuccessful. My poor husband has tried everything, including force breeding (except changing food), and we keep getting no kits. We're done with the frustration. It feels like God doesn't want us to be doing this. Someone else may have success with some of them as it may be us that is the problem. We are.in southwest Ohio and are open to offers.
Most of them are REW new Zealand. Two are a mix of REWNZ and California.
Snowy, doe, REW, almost 3years old, has had one litter
Cottonball, doe, REW, almost 4 years old, has had 2 litters
Honey, doe, mix, almost 3 years old, has had 3 litters and 2 miscarriages
Peach, doe, REW, 2 years old, has had 1 litter
Bucky, buck, REW, 4 years old, super sweet and calm
Jack, buck, REW, one year old, super sweet
Shy Guy, buck, REW, one year old
Sapphire, buck, mix, one year old

Attached pics are Honey and Sapphire so you can see their color.


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