Doe kindled 2 days ago but still preggo?

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Jun 24, 2021
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Hello! My 1.5 year old Mini Rex doe had 6 kits on day 33, 2 days ago. This is her 2nd litter and I was told she had 9 the first time, no problems. I noticed her pulling fur yesterday morning and figured she is just doing her momma thing but a couple hours later she started to act off so I went and observed her for a while. She is breathing hard, restless and when she lays down I can clearly see rippling and movement in her stomach area. It looks exactly like it did before she had her kits. This morning there were still just 6 kits in the nest box and they are warm and healthy. Momma is still restless and I can still see rippling. Is she going to have more buns or is there a reason her stomach is moving so much? I've never witnessed a doe give birth over multiple days but I heard it can happen. TIA!


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Apr 29, 2021
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I have MINI REX, all my does Kindle on day 32. And pull fur a few minutes before giving birth. I don't think she is still pregnant and if she is they are most lickley dead. Try gently feeling her understomach and see if it feels hard I would be concerned. She actually may have some so keep an eye on her and be prepared to assist her.