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Sep 29, 2021
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Southwestern Pennsylvania
@KelleyBee Sorry to hear it is not working for you :( I can feel your frustration :)

However, for those who are considering trying it - my set up works great for me!

It may be because I am able to clean it out every day. I never have to touch poop or scrape with hands and there's not much odor in the rabbitry.

I have maybe a bit more of a slant? I am able to catch the poop/pee in the gutter. I have a 3' piece of metal bar that I use to pull down the stuff that doesn't roll by itself. I feed a LOT of hay so there's a lot that gets stuck but is easily pulled down to the gutter.

Then, I have a 'spatula' type thing I made from wood that fits into the gutter and I scrape it all into a bucket at the end.

Takes all of about 3 minutes per 8' of cages.

I like the system because all the poop as well as all the water from the mister goes easiliy into buckets and it goes into the garden and nothing is wasted.

I'm old and it's a lot easier for me than shoveling/raking.

I bet the worms are going to love your set up!! It does have it's advantages.
Do you have a photo of your system? The droppings on the ground are still being used in my gardens, however, so still no waste.

Rabbits by Accident

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Oct 22, 2021
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Fort Worth, TX
@KelleyBee I have pics here - scroll down to "Poop Patrol"

I need to take some pics of the scraper/spatula thing I made, but basically, it's a piece of 3/4" thick wood that fits into the gutter and has a dowel inserted in it.


Ok so I just drew it LOL - it doesn't have to be as particularly shaped as this one, I just like to do that kind of stuff. (yeah I put my name on everything, people steal the strangest photos to use on their websites)

A couple things that work for me - use the solid hay racks to minimize the dropping of hay into the poop chute and hang them over the lowest part of the chute if possible. This way there isn't much to interfere with the poop at the top of the slide which is the hardest to access. Most of the stuck poop will be toward the gutter and easy to clear.

Good luck with your set up - keep me posted, I'm always interested in new ideas.
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