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May 11, 2015
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Hello, it's been a long time since I have been active.
I picked up a young mini Rex from a "pet shop", She weighs about 2 lbs (my scale is off by a little), eats fine, poops fine, moves great, but appears to have cataracts. I brought her home because I got the feeling that she would be put down when I brought the issue up with an employee. Especially when he said I could just take her when I mentioned that I would take her but $40.00 was too much for me to spend on a rabbit with a problem. I took that rabbit and hightaled it outta there like Paul revere when they told him the red coats were coming 🏇🏃‍♀️So, I started giving eye ointment twice a day for the first week. It seems like it is a little better, the problem is I left the remainder of the tube behind when I traveled back to home base, and it's hard to get here in California unless going to a vet😒.
There is nothing else wrong with her, no scratches on the eyes. It's on both eyes, she is a nice fawn color although she does have some Grey patches here and there. I believe she can see a little, more like shadows and movement. Is thre any thing else I can do?

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