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Nov 4, 2022
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We just got a female to breed with our males. She is old enough and owner said she is ready. We brought her home and mated immediately. Problem is, she will not stop pooping and peeing in her bedding area, and it’s been almost 21 days and she has not started pulling any hair. What should we do different?


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Sep 27, 2021
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Rabbits are easily litter trained so she may have just decided that the nest box is her litter box, I’ve had it happen before as well.

Rabbits usually do not pull fur until the day of kindling (30-32) so I wouldn’t start worrying about that yet.

Next time you get a new doe I recommend giving her at least a week to settle in before breeding. I do this for two main reasons

  • new rabbits should spend the first 30 days in quarantine away from other animals to make sure they are in good health and do not have mites. This also give them time to settle into their new environment.
  • Large amounts stress can cause a rabbit to become infertile. This includes environment changes and long car rides.
If she does end up not kindling, I would give her about a week before trying again. I’d do this so that she has time to recover from anything that may have happened with her previous pregnancy (like miscarriages, if she even was pregnant,) to make sure she isn’t just a late kindlier, and so that she has time to settle in the rest of the way without and disturbances.

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