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Jun 1, 2021
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We have a male 4 year old half-lionhead rabbit (Basil) who is currently paired with a 5 year old brown, short-haired female (Blossom), both neutered. This is Basil's third pairing - unfortunately his two previous partners died.

Basil and Blossom have been together for a year or two now. In terms of characters, he is a very gentle, submissive soul - he has always been pushed around by his partners. Blossom was quite neurotic when we first got her - we were told she had been kept in a large hamster cage - she had a strange gait, was quite thin and wiry, and was completely handleable. She is now in good health, has a beautiful shiny coat, runs normally, and will occasionally let us stroke her.

1/ Over the last year we have noticed that he has started losing fur on the side of his head and now a large bald patch on the back of his neck, and another bald patch above one eye. Initially it looked like he had just had a bit of a trim of his beard but now there are significant gaps in his fur. To me, it looks like Blossom has been mounting him and pulling his fur out - there is certainly a commotion at feeding time when she chases him around the hutch, but I haven't caught her in the act. However I wanted to check here whether there might be something else that might cause him to lose his fur in this pattern. He is otherwise bright-eyed and looks healthy to my eyes.
2/ If it is Blossom that is doing this, what would be the best course of action? There is a chance we might be able to re-pair him, as it happens with one of his relatives, another female who has just lost a partner that looks near identical to Basil. But then that would leave Blossom on her own.....
3/ If this is the best course of action, any pointers to advice on how to introduce rabbits very welcome

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