2 Pet Bunnies won't breed, not sure why not.

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Jan 15, 2021
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Oh boy, I'm not sure if this is a stupid question, but here it goes: can bunnies be sexually incompatible?

I have two domesticated Netherland dwarf bunnies that I adopted at the same time when they were 2 months old from a reputable breeder that sells fancy show quality rabbits. One is a girl and the the other is a boy. I knew I wanted two buns from the get-go, so they have bunny companionship. I was hoping that they would have one litter and then get them fixed (spayed/neutered).

My rabbits are now almost 2 years old, and they have never had a successful breeding or litter. It's not for lack of trying on the part of the buck, he is constantly bothering her and basically dry humping her since the beginning, but the doe has never ever been receptive. She always moves away, or after hours of him dry humping her, she'll turn around and hump him. They are similar in size, but the doe is only slightly bigger (2 lbs/2.3 lbs).

Since they are my pets, not for meat or profit, I don't ever separate them. They free-roam, and are bonded. They really do prefer to be together.

I assumed they would "breed like rabbits" but no such luck, 2 years in. I don't think they are overweight or malnourished. It does get hot during the summer, so I've been worried about them being sterile for a period because of that, but that s only like 1 month out of the year.

1. I am 100% sure I have one buck and one doe. I attached pictures to confirm (though I don't understand the sexing confusion in non-neutered bucks, their testes are blatantly obvious, right?)

2. I looked up vent disease, as well as other types of reproductive issues that I'd be able to see upon visual inspection, but to me, my rabbits look normal, but again, Im no expert and I attached pictures to see if any experienced eyes can confirm.

3. My buck frequently tries to mount the doe, like excessively, and he pulls her fur on her back and even hangs on to it as she's trying to escape but I've NEVER seen her raise her bottom to show she is receptive (As I have seen happens in other rabbit breedings). Just from what I've seen, I think that the problem is my doe, not the buck, but idk.

4. I have also tried to help get my doe in the right position but my buck absolutely refuses to mount her if I am too hands on.


Can anyone tell me what could be going on? Is there something I can try?

Is it that the doe is bigger/the dominant one so she'll never be interested in the buck?
Is it the environment (aka the fact that they are always together or the temp)?
Is it that the doe wants to get settled in her career before being a mother?

I don't know.


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Sep 12, 2017
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I'm definitely not an expert, but try separating them for a couple of days, then putting them back together. It seems to me the bucks are often triggered by the doe being introduced. It may be he's never been excited enough to persist long enough. Let him get super excited by seeing her, and he may just ring the bell before she gets tired of him.