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  1. eco2pia

    Feeding dry leaves

    I think, if you are a confident gardener, you can easily learn the local common names and be assured of your identification. The trouble with the internet is that we reach far beyond our local area, and what is a "cedar" tree here is a western red cedar or Thuja plicata. In alaska it is likely...
  2. eco2pia

    Do you think this is Coccidiosis? And is the meat safe?

    Yeah Lymphocytes and macrophages are immune cells and it is a typical response to sequester a foreign body, be it a splinter or a worm, using a capsule made of connective tissue. Your body builds a little blister around it and the cells and dead tissue or invader bits inside are what we often...
  3. eco2pia

    Colony rabbit breeding management

    no weasels maybe, but rats are everywhere. mostly they will just steal food, but worth considering. Were I you, I would set up half your 12x12 as a large colony space with 2-3 female littermates and then put a buck in a traditional hutch or hanging cage in the same space. He can chill on the...
  4. eco2pia

    Do you think this is Coccidiosis? And is the meat safe?

    Missed this. They are saying it was a parasitic infection, possibly/probably with a nematode, which is NOT what coccidiosis is (coccida are protazoa). A nematode is a small worm, like pin worm, but there are many kinds and some are parasitic and some are beneficial and live in the soil. They...
  5. eco2pia

    Feeding dry leaves

    You are absolutely right. "our native big leaf maple" is Acer macrophyllum. In my area it is literally everywhere, and most things that will eat greenery are happy to eat it. I have not tried drying them deliberately, but most crispy-dried tree leaves are likely to be ok IN MY AREA, which is...
  6. eco2pia

    Questions about Willow Planting and Drying for Winter Storage

    @MaggieJ My husband says secateurs. He was born in Canada and grew up in NZ. :) I have forgotten what we call them in the US a few times.
  7. eco2pia

    Hello from France

    Here in the states the rex/Mini rex breeds and the popularity in the pet trade has messed with the stock available--Mini rex became so pupular that anything with color was labeled "mini rex" and half the time they didn't even have rex coats. A REW was always a "purebred NZ". Now I see all kinds...
  8. eco2pia

    Temper no! Emergency need help now.

    Do they stop all other animals from crossing into the space? It kind of depends. If I bird can fly over and poop in the pen, or a small snake/mouse can pass thru then no. The coccidia live in soil, and don't move around much on their own, it is more that they are moved by other things. Your...
  9. eco2pia

    A complimentary first cross breed?

    I thought the same at first, then I realized, I have no idea how old that bunny is. I did think he seemed a little rangy but that could be the angle. So...what will you name him? Lol! Might I suggest "Kipper"?
  10. eco2pia

    Feeding dry leaves

    hmm. not sure if this is true. There are many kinds of tree called "maple" however. Our native big leaf maples are ok, and bunnies love them.
  11. eco2pia

    Temper no! Emergency need help now.

    First, rabbits hit maturity and puberty can change their behavior--adult bucks sometimes often do not get along. Second, coccidiosis is a treatable disease caused by protozoan parasite (coccidia) and very contagious. It likes the tropics quite well and is carried by birds and snakes as well as...
  12. eco2pia

    Managing Teeth

    I think all that internet "wisdom" might be aimed at pet owners who may be feeding rabbits that should not have been bred at all inappropriate food to begin with (I once was given a food sample with orange and blue carrot shaped "pellets"?!). That said, sacrificial spruce wood blocks/branches...
  13. eco2pia

    Looking back over the year

    I used to keep them years ago. Then finished raising kids, put myself thru school and pulled myself back onto my feet after a divorce. This past year remarried, inheirited 2 new step kiddos, and bought a house. We weren't even moved in when I got the chicks, and rabbits followed soon after...
  14. eco2pia

    Where to learn rabbit genetics

    @KelleyBee I knew I had this link somewhere. It is intense, but covers most of what is known about rabbit coat colors.
  15. eco2pia

    Hello from France

    Hahaha, and then I go and suggest "some large spotted rabbit"...My first buck was a little spotted agouti mutt, he produced so so many different colors and patterns, but he was too small for a meat rabbit really. It was a ton of fun trying to guess what we would get. I was hooked. I love my...
  16. eco2pia

    A complimentary first cross breed?

    NZ are the common breed that is reccommended as both are commercial meat breeds. Honestly, It could be argued that you cannot improve a NZ or CA for meat production...but you can improve other traits to your local climate or preferences. I find the most fun thing to add to avoid the constant...
  17. eco2pia

    Is this another huge mistake?

    I like your set up very much. I think you will not have to worry about losing kits once their eyes are open and they are moving around on their own, but you might want to be doubly sure they will not be dragged out of the nest boxes. A lip (belly scraper) that they have to jump over usually...
  18. eco2pia

    First time butchering yesterday. What to do with heads, ears, feet, tails, etc?

    Lol, thank you for this tidbit of info, I was so confused by your question. Throwing a head at my dog was exactly what I used to do with them. He first, because he was heavily trained to never attack a live rabbit. He kept looking at me like he thought he was going to be in...
  19. eco2pia

    Need help with decision

    I wouldn't hesitate to buy, but I might consider a quarantine for a few weeks and a premptive course of your favorite anti parasitic, as recommended by a local to you vet or knowledgeable breeder. Probably I would not worry AT ALL if I was able to inspect the breeder's herd and they were...
  20. eco2pia

    How do you tan hides?

    So, I normally used to use a muratic acid pickle, and I thought I would try an alum version. I had heard alum was better at making a soft, pretty white hide. My pelt has been drying and I've been working it a little each day, but it's 1. Weirdly oily, despite the fact that the skin was well...