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  1. Madelyn and Patches

    rabbit pooping everywhere after being neutered???

    so hey my rabbit has been neutered for about a year now and has been pretty consistent with his litter box usage. but starting yesterday he has been pooping EVERYWHERE, but especially on my bed. every time he hops, he poops and it is getting out of control. i have no idea what is causing it, and...
  2. Madelyn and Patches

    Safe indoor-grown plants?

    Hey everyone! I'm new here. I was just wondering if anyone had suggestions about some safe, easy-to-grow plants that I can get for my rabbit. If possible, could they be indooor plants? If I planted them outside, more likely than not, my dog would dig them up haha. I want the plants to be an...
  3. Madelyn and Patches

    Hello! I'm new here!

    Hey everyone! My name is Madelyn and I have a one-year old Holland Lop named Patches. Some quick facts about me! I am 13, about to turn 14. I play volleyball and soccer and live in the country. Patches is a free-roam indoor bunny who is extremely spoiled;) He is brown, tan, and black. He loves...