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    A Chestnut from 2 solid parents?

    Hello everyone! I just acquired a nice Chestnut doe (Netherland Dwarf) and I saw something on her pedigree that gave me pause. Her parents are listed as a solid blue and a solid black, with one of her grandparent being a chestnut. I always thought the Agouti gene was dominant over the tan and...
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    Help with injured, pregnant doe

    Hi friends, I would greatly appreciate any help with my pregnant Netherland dwarf doe. Here's the long and short of the story: She is due for her second litter in 3 days and has been acting a bit defensive around her cage for about a week, with growling and general avoidance when I pet her or...
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    Help identifying baby Netherland Dwarf colors

    Hello everyone! I am a new ND breeder and this the first litter I have that are not solids. I have a little trouble identifying the kits colors as they are Himalayans and I believe one is a Smoke Pearl. The doe is a Siamese Sable and the buck a Blue Himalayan (2 Smoke Pearl parents). Here...