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  1. EastNeukRabbits

    Hello, I'm new

    Hello and welcome! I‘m sure you’ll find lots of useful knowledge on here. Love the idea of tanning hides traditionally. Good luck!
  2. EastNeukRabbits

    VERY Sad News

    This is the saddest thread sorry you’ve all lost loved rabbits overnight, always horrid. @RabbitsOfTheCreek I hope Pearl gets better, update us if you can. Sending positive vibes! And @Cosima I’m so sorry to hear about your buck, I know he was special to you. Hopefully another NZ will...
  3. EastNeukRabbits

    When is the best time to buy sheets and bedding?

    No real idea but I’d guess at January sales…Black Friday is a lot of hype but the retailers want to shift their leftover stock after Christmas has passed.
  4. EastNeukRabbits

    Latchaw Briar Patch, Ohio

    Awesome! I struggled to even get one of each, my stud buck came up from England. He’s a darling but not the brightest. I’ve black self and black harlequin. Now I’ve just purchased a breeding pair of mini plush lops although won’t be putting them together until spring. Happy rabbit keeping!
  5. EastNeukRabbits

    Different coated kits, is there a preference?

    @2CrazyFools just reread your post about your Avante-Garde Reza line (amazing idea btw, I follow your page on fb already and if I was not across an ocean I’d definitely want to get involved). In your opinion, is there a difference phenotypically between the two kits above? ie. would one be...
  6. EastNeukRabbits

    Latchaw Briar Patch, Ohio

    Hello! I also breed standard Rex, amazing rabbits IMO however I might be a bit biased 😅 as @CO Int said, have fun- that’s definitely one of the most important things. Do you have two females and a male? And what colouring? Lol at all the questions!
  7. EastNeukRabbits

    All baby bunny pics MUST be posted here lol.

    @Ducklove74 Oh crikey! The castor* is so pretty, what colour are the parents?
  8. EastNeukRabbits

    Rabbit HATES Dieting

    My rabbits are kept on hardstanding and I collect wild greens for them, however I’ve got too many rabbits to supply more than a bowlful a day each…plus I’m sure they’d run to fat if I let them have too much😅
  9. EastNeukRabbits

    Skin and teeth problems! Help!!!!

    Ahh well that sucks…on the bright side, you’ve solved the mystery. Hope you get both yourself and the rabbit sorted soon!
  10. EastNeukRabbits

    Where did this infant rabbit come from?

    I’m pretty sure a ‘peanut’ refers to a kit from two dwarf parents, that carries two copies of the recessive dwarf gene therefore making it incompatible with life (people seem to disagree somewhat on this point but idk). I know they only crop up in litters where there is dwarfism present, so any...
  11. EastNeukRabbits

    Skin and teeth problems! Help!!!!

    Oh no! I’m sorry I don’t have much advice other than your rabbit‘s teeth are misaligned and overgrowing, possibly through injury but more likely due to genetics…they can be trimmed but I wouldn’t know how to go about doing it. Making sure they have enough wood or fibrous plants to eat/chew is...
  12. EastNeukRabbits

    All baby bunny pics MUST be posted here lol.

    Lovely! Are those black harlequins I see? Look the same as my six week olds did (mine are standard though)
  13. EastNeukRabbits

    All baby bunny pics MUST be posted here lol.

    😅 was about to comment the same thing!
  14. EastNeukRabbits

    Different coated kits, is there a preference?

    Hey all, okay so I have two litter mates, both black self (standard Rexs) but with very different coat textures. I understand that they lose their baby coat but I imagine it is still a some kind of marker for their future coat? If this is true, for breeding purposes would the slightly astrex (?)...
  15. EastNeukRabbits

    To buy or not to buy

    Firstly, thank you guys for your responses! @Olbunny @ladysown @RabbitsOfTheCreek excellent advice, echoed my own thoughts but hearing it from people with way more experience helped make my decision to…buy the doe! I umm’d and ahh’d but she has great conformation, colour and is still young so I...
  16. EastNeukRabbits

    Has anyone made a Purse/Bag before???

    I haven’t made a bag but I’ve made a cushion cover (so soft my sons fight over it) and a muff for cold weather (rabbit fur inside and red velvet out)…rabbit skin is easy to hand sew (which I prefer because it’s quieter!) so that’s an option if you don’t have/want to use a sewing machine. If you...
  17. EastNeukRabbits

    To buy or not to buy

    Okay so I’m having a difficult time deciding whether or not to buy a doe I’ve been told is VERY territorial…plus points would be she’s a plush lop which I struggle to get where I live and she is a excellent example. However the rabbits I currently breed from have wonderful temperaments and I’d...
  18. EastNeukRabbits

    Kit bragging pics

    Well here’s my offering! 8 days old, born out of my standard Rex doe, Merry. Black harlequin and black self 🥰
  19. EastNeukRabbits

    Yeepers.... Hello again from a Zombie Rabbiteer.

    Love your post! So much enthusiasm and an amazing looking breed to work on. Will look you up on fb 😊
  20. EastNeukRabbits

    Cat injury

    Oh Cosima it's always sad to lose an animal, more difficult when you don't know what's happened to them❤️ Maybe Blitz might still make it home, if not she had your love and attention. On the bright side, there are always more cats to love!